Welcome to Atlanta School of Aikido
Offering Aikido in Atlanta since 1994
 The Atlanta School of Aikido offers a style of Aikido based on the teachings of Koichi Tohei's Ki Society, Shihan Shizuo Imaizumi's of Shin Budo Kai Aikido and Mark Leidig of the School of Inner Martial Arts. It is movement based, flowing and smooth, but true to Aikido's martial roots.
Training includes the empty-handed arts of Aikido (throwing and pinning) as well as Ki training, jo (staff) and bokken (wooden sword).
Classes are small and focused on personalized instruction. Beginners train with experienced students or an instructor at the start of their training.
It is our hope that you will come by and visit one of our classes.
Although this site deals primarily with the Atlanta School of Aikido dojo, information within these pages pertains to the other affiliated dojos. Additional information regarding these other dojos can be found on the links page.
Within the following pages, you will find information, some history, and  photos.


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